With a rip of the the “word-of-the-day” calendar on my desk (munificent), the first month of the 2,012 challenge is over.  Unfortunately, I am way behind.  The one-two punch of injuries late last year and early this year threw a wrench in my otherwise ambitious plans, but I am almost fully healed, and ready to double my efforts to keep ticking away those miles!

As of last night, I have logged a total of 80 miles.  In order to be on track, I should have ran, walked, and biked 171 miles by this point in the year. Fear not, my dear friends, as I’ve got two aces up my sleeve! Inspired by the good folks over at The Run Commuter, I’m going to start plugging in some more running miles during my commute (more on that later).  Also, I am going to sign up for an ultra.  This will force me to fit in longer and more frequent training runs, and get me back on the bike for longer conditioning rides.

Some quick reflections on the 2,012 challenge:

1. Hardest Part: The most difficult part of this challenge is going to be having the discipline to calculate and record all the miles.  I have been making great strides in embracing technology (iphone w/ runmeter) to help automatically track miles and send them to Dailymile.  I’m still not listening to music outside though, keep those earbuds on the treadmill!

2. Running/Biking: I had high hopes for this challenge to knock off most of the miles running.  I am coming to terms with the fact that I won’t be ready for a few months.  I need to build up strength and ease into high-mile weeks so I don’t injure myself.  I need get the bike tuned up for longer rides, and start hitting that Greenbelt (and not feel guilty about it)

3. Best Part: Motivation to get out there and hit the trails.  It was a beautiful day yesterday, and the need to clock miles gave me the motivation to throw running clothes, shoes, and a waterbottle into the truck while traveling for work.  I had time to go for an amazing sunset run at Gifford Pinchot.  It was quiet, beautiful, and serene.

Pinchot Lake at Sunset

I may be behind the 8-ball right now, but I’m coming back strong! See you on the trails!